About Skeljungur


Skeljungur´s role is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies in an efficient and safe way, in harmony with the environment.

Skeljungur´s main task is to maximise the value proposition to the customers via our skilful employees, where safety and progress are of the essence.


Skeljungur – we enable our customers´ ventures.


Skeljungur´s values are: Reliability, Efficiency and Leading Change. Our values portray the goals and vision of the Company. In unity we strive to reach the Company´s goals.


There is stability in our services and we earn our customers´ trust through integrity and quality. Primary emphasis is on safety of people and the environment.


Efficiency and frugality define all our operations. We continuously work on improvements to increase value for all stakeholders.

Leading Change

Dynamism and enterprising are our main drivers. We are not affraid to explore. We work hard on ensuring Skeljungur´s leadership.


Skeljungur´s main goal is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies quickly and safely in harmony with the environment. Skeljungur mainly sells oil and lubricants to individuals and companies. The Company operates in two geographical markets, in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands. The Company´s products and services are sold under the brands Skeljungur, Magn, Orkan and OrkanX.

Supply chain


Skeljungur and Magn make contracts with foreign suppliers regarding purchase and import of oil

Oil depots

Six oil depots (Reykjavík, Vestmannaeyjar, Akureyri, Eskifjörður, Thorshavn and Klaksvik)


Distribution of fuel from the oil depots to the gas stations and directly to the customers.


Deliveries to homes (house heating) and companies in all sectors, such as fisheries, transportation, tourism and contractors.


Skeljungur´s distribution transports fuel to the Company´s customers in a safe manner. The distribution is operated by strict standards and surveillance. Skeljungur´s oil trucks transported 190 million litres last year, driving 1.3 million km. Magn´s oil trucks transported 108 million litres of oil last year, driving 0.3 million km.

We bring you energy


Skeljungur delivers fuel directly to companies in all sectors, which do not have the opportunity to acquire fuel at our gas stations, such as to fisheries, air and sea transport companies and on to contractors on site. As Skeljungur has 90 years´ experience of servicing its customers, they can count on the fuel being delivered by Skeljungur´s professionals in a safe and timely manner.


Orkan has been a leading price fighter on the Icelandic market from 1994. Orkan stations are all around the county, ensuring key-holders low price wherever and whenever. Customers can also connect their Orkan-keys to their favourite charity and thereby give support every time they fill up their tank. At chosen Orkan stations environmentally conscious customers can purchase methane or electricity for their vehicles and in 2018 Orkan will in addition open two hydrogen stations.


In the Faroe Islands, Magn is leading in sales and service in house-heating, convenience retail and fuel sales. Magn emphasizes good service and a diverse product offering.

Orkan X

Orkan X simply offers an even lower price for everyone. No gimmicks, just low price.

The business sector

Skeljungur has for decades been in the forefront of leading changes on the fuel market. Skeljungur´s main goal is to offer its customers with economical and diverse options in fuel and related services. Our focus is on providing our customers with excellent service.

We enable our customers´ ventures.


Tourism is a booming industry in Iceland and the Faroe Islands. This has affected Skeljungur´s operations considerably. Skeljungur sells fuel to and services to all types of transportation; cruise ships, airlines, bus companies, taxis etc. In a rapidly growing environment it is important to be able to deliver fuel in a safe and timely manner.


Skeljungur´s agriculture department in Iceland provides farmers, landowners and others with multi grain fertilizer under the brand Sprettur, which in Icelandic means growing fast.


Skeljungur and Magn service both domestic and international vessels, whether in transport or fisheries. Sales to international vessels is a growing income stream as Skeljungur has the competitive advantage of being able to offer its customers services in two geographical areas – Iceland and the Faroe Islands.


Skeljungur provides excellent services to contractors. If order is placed in a timely manner the delivery of fuel or lubricants can be made the same day directly to the vehicle, truck or other machinery in question.

Food ingredients and industrial chemicals

Skeljungur in Iceland offers a variety of food ingredients and industrial chemicals for companies in all kind of production.


In the Faroe Islands the majority of house-heating is with oil. Magn provides an all-inclusive service to households and companies, where the customers only need to sign up and Magn takes care of keeping your house warm, without you noticing.

Human resources

The employees are the most important link in the Company´s success. The employees’ knowledge and know-how is a key factor, which Skeljungur strives to underpin by offering mandatory and optional education and training to employees. New employees are carefully selected, in line with the Company´s policy on gender equality and with focus on diversity. In 2017 Skeljungur was the seventh Icelandic company to receive an Equal Pay Certification from The Centre for Gender Equality.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Skeljungur has established a Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, which is built on five pillars: the employees, the customers, suppliers and other affiliates, the environment and the community.



Suppliers and other affiliates




In our operations we are focused on safety, simplicity, financial discipline and overall quality. In addition development, ranging from strategy to product offering development, constantly plays a bigger role within the Company.